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Company Profile

        Dr. Abhay Kumar Pati, also known as Dr. Kumar Pati, is the founder of Best Nutrition Products, Inc. The company was started by Dr. Pati in 1995. Prior to establishing Best Nutrition Products, Inc. Dr. Pati was engaged in publishing a health magazine - known as Health World, which had a large circulation. As the internet became more popular, his magazine readership declined. Subsequently, he formulated a few health supplements. Currently, Best Nutrition Products has over 200 health products which are being distributed in over 50 countries. Read More....

     Aloevera          Amla     Amrit Chyavanprash    Anantamul            Arjuna               Ashoka                  Bael              Bitter melon      Boswellia            Brahmi             Cinnamon         Curcumin          Garcinia              Garlic              GotuKola            Guduchi           Gugulipid           Gurana           Gymnema Sylvestre           Haritaki             Licorice             Malunggay      Fenugreek         Mucuna                Neem                Psyllium Husk             Safed Musli             Senna             Shatavari                   Shilajit                Tribulus                Triphala                Tulsi                Valerian                Vasak